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If you're inquiring about a speaking engagement, contact Caitlin McCaskey at Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau. If you're an author, editor, or publisher, reach out to Lindsay Edgecombe, Emily's literary agent.  Contact info for all three are below.


"It’s always my pleasure to receive comments and questions. With the success of the book, there has been a sudden flood of emails and I’m afraid I’m just not able to answer all of them. One day I’ll have a whole team of sexperts responding to all the email, but until then... If you have a question about your (or a friend's) sex life, pretty soon I'll be restoring my blog, The Dirty Normal, which died an unexpected death due to server issues. In the meantime, check out my FAQ page, which addresses 90% of the things people email me about."

Also here are some great external resources:

    Caitlin McCaskey
    Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau

    Lindsay Edgecombe
    LEdgecombe at lgrliterary dot com
    Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency, Inc
    307 Seventh Avenue Suite 2407
    New York, NY 10001