Come as You Are Masterclass

A workshop designed to dig deep into both the content of COME AS YOU ARE and the strategies that are most effective at teaching that content to a variety of audiences. Topics include: biological homology as social justice; the dual control model; arousal nonconcordance and its place in consent education; responsive desire and the role of pleasure; meta-emotions and nonjudgment; and gender and sexual pleasure.

Adaptable to profession-specific needs:

Pleasure Is the Measure. The science of sexual desire, satisfaction, frustration, communication, and pleasure. In this workshop, therapists learn the science of sexual wellbeing, which dovetails beautifully with their work with both individuals and couples. Variations: 2hr crash course; 4hr info binge; 7hr practicum; 2-day comprehensive. Can be approved for AASECT CEUs.

The science of sexual satisfaction is changing fast, and it has already revolutionized our understanding of even the most basic notions of how human sexuality works. In this workshop, learn about the brain mechanism that governs sexual response and pleasure; the relationship between genital response, desire, and sexual arousal; and the most efficient ways to help a patient improve sexual desire – including Emily’s “silver bullet” answers to those doorknob questions about sexual desire, orgasm, more. You’ll walk away with a more comprehensive and science-based understanding of sexual functioning, and a collection of simple, easy-to-implement ideas for helping patients. Minimum of 40 minutes, comprehensive at 90 minutes.

In addition to a deep dive into the science of sexual wellbeing, we'll also focus on the science of effective storytelling, metaphor, and myth-busting. Minimum of 3 hours, but you really get the full effect at 8 hours. You will end the day tired, inspired, and loaded with new ideas and activities for expanding sexual pleasure and justice.

Sex Positive in All Settings. There are two things any educator can do to create a classroom setting – and a world – where our students can begin freeing themselves from destructive cultural narratives around sexuality. Those two things are: some basic facts (none of which are covered in any basic sex ed text) and a calm, nonjudgmental attitude. This workshop teaches teachers both of these, empowering them to debunk myths without ever shaming students or shutting down their curiosity and willingness to learn. Minimum 90 minutes, comprehensive at 3 hours.